Meet Haley

This is Haley Smith, our shop manager. When she started at the beginning of May she dove right in, booking appointments, servicing clients,  and basically being the manager we always needed. We thought you should know more about the friendly voice taking your call, answering your emails and greeting you at the front desk.

With five years of retail management experience under her belt, we’re confident Haley has the skills to make sure our clients always feel welcome and leave here satisfied. She’s ambitious and loves to learn about new ways to improve the studio’s efficiency. If she doesn’t have an answer to your question this time, chances are she’ll get back to you with the appropriate response, and then some.

So what made Haley such a great fit? Haley’s been in and out of tattoo shops since she was a teenager. She’s also certainly spent enough time here as a client to know Lucky Rabbit inside and out.

It’s unfortunate that outside the body art community, people will judge us according to our ink. “I have my neck and hands tattooed. I’m usually not the first person people feel comfortable talking to,” Haley says. “But when people actually get to talking to me, they realize I’m pretty approachable and nice.”

Her stance in life helps her understand people, guide them in choosing their designs and different ways to be expressive. She also works hard to allow people to see her as successful business manager, no matter what you feel her tattoos say about her success. Overcoming social stigmas is what we have been about since the beginning. “Turning critics into fans” being our mission, we feel Haley’s expertise and attitude help us accomplish this goal on a daily basis.

She has a heart for encouraging clients to get tattoos and piercings that suit them “as a person”. She’s happy to assist you in expressing your best self!

And finally, she fits in. As a member of the team she just fits. “My team rules,” Haley says. “They are seriously some of the greatest people I’ve ever met. There’s never a lack of fun at work … it’s hardly work!”

We think Haley rules, too, and we’re really excited to have her on our team. Stop by and say hello. We think you’ll agree.

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