What’s so different about our piercing techniques?

What’s so different about our piercing techniques?


Freehand piercing. Isn’t as scary as it may sound. We don’t cover our eyes and throw a needle at you with jewelry attached! Pretending you are a dartboard, is not our goal.

Freehand piercing simply means we don’t use tools during our process. We find using our hands verses surgical tools such as clamps and pliers is less invasive.

Consider being a 13 year old coming in for a piercing for the first time, and watching a piercer unpack enough tools to do a wisdom tooth extraction! Our setups are simple and require no tools. Your blood pressure will thank us.

Another benefit we see is that the tissue is minimally manipulated and there is a lot less bruising, and a quicker heal time verses traditional piercing methods.

Lastly, there’s no risk of cross contamination because we do not re-use anything. Nothing touched during a piercing procedure gets re-used ever.

We are constantly aiming to set the standard. We hope that you would feel comfortable coming to us with any questions regarding piercing or the process. We are here to help make your experience more comfortable and long lasting.  If you have any questions regarding your next piercing our would like to make an appointment, call or stop by! We take walk-ins from 12:30 – 8:00, Monday through Thursday and 12:30 -10:00, Friday and Saturday! 765-287-0777.

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