About The Founder


Hello, my name is Daniel. I have been tattooing for over 20 years. I got my start in 1993 taking an apprenticeship under Jim Brown in my hometown of Fostoria, OH. Shortly thereafter, I decided to enter the military and became a medical laboratory technician. My talent for creating art collaborated with the knowledge I obtained in my medical training. Customer service, proper medical practice, sterile technique, and new technology became my focus. Armed with this information, I adopted new methods and pushed for widespread acceptance of safe tattooing.

Shortly after envisioning Lucky Rabbit and building a clientele, I decided to improve my artistic skills by going to conventions and guest spots. I have been blessed to have traveled the US and Canada while helping other tattooers improve their technique teaching advanced  black and grey portraiture seminars. I have also competed on a national level, was published and featured in over 50 magazines and books world wide.These opportunities allowed me to work alongside some of the best tattooers in the world and grow my talent.

I’m a people person who offers my clients a comfortable setting, calm music and good conversation. I enjoy working with my clients to create one of kind pieces that best express their individuality. I specialize doing black and grey tattoos, and portraits. Additionally, I enjoy anything related to nature and faith based tattoos. I thrive when doing these types of tattoos.

If you are interested in doing a large piece requiring 3 hours or more, I invite you to email the studio to book a consultation. My wait times my vary depending on the time of year. I usually keep a small waiting list.   I look forward to taking your design to the next level!


My first tattoo magazine publication was in back in June 2005 in Tattoo Magazine,  Today my artwork can been seen regularly in the following magazines…

Tattoo Magazine, Tattoo Savage, Skin Art , Tattoos for Men,Tattoos for Women, Rebel Ink, Pain Magazine, International Tattoo Art,

Tatuajes y Perforaciones Revista (MEX), Tattoo Style  (GER),Skin Shots (UK), Tatowier Magazin (GER), Skin Deep (UK),  Custom Tattooz (AUS), Tattoo Expo (AUS), Tattoo Guru, Tabu, Bob Baxter’s Tattoo Road Trip.


  1. (2013)Tattoos for Men…

  1. (2012) International Tattoo Art, Skin

             and Ink…

  1. (2011) Indy’s Nuvo Magazine, and Bob Baxter’s Tattoo Road Trip.

  1. (2010) Tattoo Magazine, Rebel Ink, Skin Deep (UK), 3 features in Tatuajes y Perforaciones Revista (MEX), Pain Magazine and Bob Baxter’s Tattoo Road Trip.


  2. (2009)The Star Press


(2007) Expo

(2004) The Star Press, ShowSight Magazine
(2002) The Star Press
(2000) NBC



(2015) Tattoo Dynamite 2, “The world’s greatest tattoos by the world’s best tattoo artists.”

(2011) Tattoo Dynamite, “The world’s greatest tattoos by the world’s best tattoo artists.”

A special thanks to all the companies who have contributed to my cause, in one way or another.

Fusion Tattoo Inks

NeoTat Rotary Tattoo Machines

Kingpin Tattoo Supplies