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Ear projects

    Ear piercing has been around for some time and allow us to showcase some of our best jewelry. One of our clients from Indy looking for something unique and let us choose the pieces that would accent her body and showcase the jewelry. We are thankful to the clients who put their trust in us to make their body bling!!   ...

    Congrats Jimmy!

      Jimmy Six competed in a tattoo contest. Two of his tattoos won awards last night at the Marked for Life Tattoo War. If you are looking for one of a kind award winning artwork email him! Check out Jimmy’s Instagram for the latest or email Jimmy at jimmysixtattoos@gmail.com He enjoys doing full color pieces that pop!!  

      Large scale tattoos

        Choosing the right artist for your tattoo is important! Have you ever had a ton of cash come back and thought “Finally, I can afford this big tattoo idea I’ve had forever.”? Getting the right artist for your tattoo is even more important during this time! Tattoo artists would love it if a client came in and said “I’d like ...