Happy 13th Anniversary!!

Happy 13th Anniversary!!

Lucky Rabbit’s Lucky 13 Party was a blast! We had a bbq, vegan and non-vegan, and really had a good time celebrating all that we had accomplished in 13 years. It’s been a lot of blood (ha!), sweat, and tears (Mostly the customer’s!!)

I can remember when we had our humble start 13 years ago.  We had 1/2 of the building, a white board for a sign and the interior was a nice tri-color look?? It was more of a blue, yellow, and eggplant?? Yeah… I’m still questioning that move!  We have learned some very valuable lessons.


Business ownership is about like life.  The eggplant colored paint sounded good at the time, because I was being all artsy fartsy. But today, I’m all growed up and make much better decorating decisions!

A lot of decisions have been made to put us where we are.  We have a tendency to take them for granted, but today, we all sat in it for awhile and thought…”Wow, I can’t believe we are all working at this awesome studio!”. Beautiful happens when you aren’t looking.

I started our latest remodel in September 2012, I’m happy to say that working continually for the last 2.5 years on restructuring everything in our business has paid off. I’m not stressed at all now!

These days I reflect on all the simple things it took to get where we are today, sometimes it’s 22 very small changes just to get us from January to February, but it was a really big deal over a 2 year stretch. I’m thankful to have my clientele through all of it. It’s been a rich blessing to be a witness to the amazing growth of this business and it’s artists.

Happy 13th Lucky Rabbit, this beer is for you!

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