Patience Matters!

Patience Matters!

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt pushed out the door? THIS is not how you want to feel when you are receiving a professional service! We pride ourselves in providing you with a professional experience.

Our piercers love their job, and even more so, they enjoy taking their time with you. We enjoy the interaction with our customers and genuinely seek to answer your questions. We don’t want you leaving our business without the proper information, aftercare and answers to your important questions.
We offer our advice and the best possible solutions for your body piercing keeping with the latest industry standards. The only problem we see is when a client chooses to listen to a friend’s advice on after care. Please know, we go to great lengths to educate ourselves in order to give you solid recommendations. We do our personal best to meet your needs. Thanks for being great customers who are patient with us, we appreciate you!

To book an appointment, call or stop by! We take walk-ins from 12:30 – 8:00, Monday through Thursday and 12:30 -10:00, Friday and Saturday! 765-287-0777.

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