Ball State is BACK!!

Ball State is BACK!!

Ball State has been hustling and bustling with foot traffic, McGalliard is busier with runs to Target and local shopping centers and friends are getting a chance to catch up after a rainy summer.  We get our fair share of that traffic as well.

The students are back, are getting in the groove, and figuring out where to spend money wisely.  We aim to help students save a few dollars while still giving them that cool piercing they want! As part of our welcome back gift we are offering a special! When you buy any piece of jewelry over $50, we will cut your piercing fee in half!

We would love to see you come in and take advantage of another discount while you are at it, remember when you refer others to us, we keep track with our referral rewards system! Each person you send in gives you $5 off your next service!

Welcome back BSU, stay inspired, keep doing your very best!

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