Moral Values

There are tattoo parlors that will do anything for (or to) anybody that walks (or stumbles) through the door. You see these joints in movies a lot, because they always make for a hilarious “morning after” scene.

Good body artists make morality-driven decisions every day because they understand personal expression has the power to build up or tear down. We abide by a code of business ethics here that ensures our clients are using their right to express themselves in a positive manner.

Here are a few examples of how we abide by a code of ethics:

1. For your children’s safety, we recommend you leave your young ones outside the studio. There’s nothing wrong with kids being interested in body art, but some of the artwork on display in our studios is labeled as mature. Although we call it art, we understand some of you may be offended if your child sees side-boob in a picture frame. We  also don’t allow younger children to run around in our offices during regular business hours as it could distract our artists during your scheduled appointment. We do allow minors 13 and over in our studio with proper adult supervision.

We have a solution though for minors 10 -13 who want their ears pierced by our piercing professional. We offer appointments just after regular business hours. Please call our front desk to schedule these! Thanks!

2. We don’t serve individuals under the influence. If you’re not sober, we’re going to ask you to come back when your head is clear. We consider body art permanent. It’s not a future laser removal job to us. We want to make sure you know what you’re doing.

3. We won’t help you hurt yourself or others. We’re not interested in creating messages or images that tear people down and we’re happy to talk out why we wouldn’t be doing you any favors if we did. Gang signs, hate-related tattoos, etc. aren’t allowed in our studio. Also, your body is our billboard. It reflects poorly on us to put negative messages out into the world.

4. We respect your privacy. Your consultations with us are confidential, and we have private rooms available for the application of artwork. We understand that not every tattoo and piercing is for public display.

5.We offer you the best in cleanliness and sterility. It’s all about safety. We have professionals ready to give you a run-down about how we provide a safe environment. We get that this is your body, your most personal property. If you don’t feel safe, feel free to ask us to help you feel more comfortable with the procedure(s) you are interested in. We’re happy to explain our business to you!

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