What Technology?

What Technology?

Tattooing is not something we would generally coincide with technology. I’m here to tell you, as a business owner seeking the latest innovations to keep our studio cutting edge, a lot has changed.

As sterilization procedures changed through time, we chose to stay on top of it. From total process sterilization indicators to logging data to entering your jewelry into our local database we have you covered. This makes customer service much easier by having that data available so that we can honor our word. Tattooing and body piercing is much more than just poking a hole or doing a tattoo. To us, when we use the latest in technology to bring you a superb experience. We hope our design helps to elevate our industry. Our goal since day one was to make our industry more safe and efficient.

We also keep a unique customer profile for each client which allows us to be more efficient in providing services, receiving payments, offering a rewards program and giving us real time reporting concerning the latest trends in the market. We are running our business much more effectively with the use of management tools. Every detail of our business is managed through computer software from signage to inventory to budgeting. Without the use of technology our business would not be the studio it is today.

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