Tattooing over scars

Tattooing over scars

Scarring can happen to everyone at some point in our lives. For us boys, it’s just part of growing up. Scraped knees and battle wounds from sports labeled me as 100% boy.

On occasion, I am blessed to see people make a choice to heal the past and move forward in their lives or a client will decide that once and for all a memory is going to be made into something beautiful. The scar of life is now going to be a beautiful tattoo design. Something positive.

As they come into the studio, look around and decide this is the place for them, we get comfortable. I ask about their stories of why an old scar exists. All scarring is different regarding a coverup and each will present it’s own challenges. We talk about design options and what will fit the best and produce the best end result.

I’ve seen many scars covered in 23 years of tattooing. Burn scars, thin dense marks made from years of cutting and surgery scars. I’ve seen track marks disappear under the tattoo ink from what was once a not so favorable past addiction.  Scars have a tendency to remind us of the past. But I love it when people change for a better tomorrow. They know that looking forward, every day is new.  These courageous few have decided to make a change and see a brighter more colorful future.

Thanks to Pam for allowing me to witness your beauty!

Photos by Thomas A. Price 2016


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