Thank you

Thank you

Three of my friends/coworkers have taken a loss at the same time. When someone loses a house in a fire, reflecting on all the good times, the items you’ve grown attached to, pets or otherwise can be daunting to say the least. It makes reconstructing a new life immediately extremely difficult. And then, someone steps up and decides to do something about it.

I have watched my friends and co-workers be supported by fellow artists, clients, friends, families, studios and churches. I’m just thankful for those of you who understand what a strain it is dealing with the loss of things that cannot be replaced.

I want to say thank you for caring for my workplace family. It means the world to me. You can still give, if you feel like making a difference. Finding three new lives can be challenging. Navigating the road ahead, it’s hard to say exactly what the next need will be. Thanks again for the ways you have stepped in and helped make this transition easier for them.

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