Proper foot and hand tattoo placement

Proper foot and hand tattoo placement

Have you ever  been in line waiting to pay and see a brilliant flash of color?  A great tattoo on someone’s hand or a really cool foot tattoo that accents the curve of someone’s body should be attractive! Well done feet and hand tattoos have been a common request here and we are glad you trust us with these vulnerable areas!

What makes a good tattoo? Solid lines and saturated color that lasts not to mention, a tattoo design that flows with the body part you stick it on. An experienced artist will take the time and effort to weigh through all of these areas before deciding on a design. With all that in mind sometimes the body will fight back, and placement options need to be discussed so we can give you a good tattoo.

As you can see from the picture below, the tattoo placement options are area where the skin does not exfoliate more rapidly and where wear and rub of normal everyday footwear is more minimal. I marked those areas using the purple line. Anytime we go below that line we take risks with your tattoo. A risk that may not allow your tattoo to hold up through the many years of your lifetime.

Tattoos in these areas are unacceptable here because we desire to put something on your body that goes with the shape of your foot or hand, thereby accentuating it. We want you to leave more attractive than when you came in. Our goals are solid tattoos that are long-lasting and are beautiful to look at.

Many times Pinterest designs will show “fresh” tattoos. We care about longevity so we prefer to look at long term effects of that same tattoo design. We offer free touch ups within the first 6 months to fully saturate the tattoo and again we expect touchups on some feet and hand tattoos, so it isn’t a burden. We are happy to saturate your tattoos!

We hope that you have learned about better tattoo placement and that we look forward to taking the time to help you decide what is best for your body. We look forward to hearing from you about your next tattoo design!



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