What does quality jewelry mean to us?

What does quality jewelry mean to us?

Have you ever  wanted to know what makes a difference between quality jewelry and the rest?  A great piece should be attractive! Jewelry made by the top companies in the industry will outlast low grade body jewelry.

Not all titanium is the same quality. Typically companies that make externally threaded jewelry always use low quality materials as well as make the piece really cheaply.


Some of the more inexpensive jewelry companies do not have a high grade finish and the jewelry can seem duller than a high quality piece. Most of their inventory is NOT internally threaded.

Their low quality finish and lack of attention to detail is a deal breaker for our store.


Lastly, quality means getting a proper fit for your jewelry. Body jewelry is not one size fits all. Seeing a professional to custom fit your body for a the piece that fits the best will ensure a properly healed piercing and a comfortable transition to your replacement jewelry.

All of our jewelry come with a lifetime guarantee. Our goals are well placed piercings with jewelry that built to be beautiful for a lifetime.

We hope that you have learned about what makes our jewelry “quality” and we look forward to taking the time to help you decide what is best for your body!

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