Large scale tattoos

Large scale tattoos

Choosing the right artist for your tattoo is important! Have you ever had a ton of cash come back and thought “Finally, I can afford this big tattoo idea I’ve had forever.”? Getting the right artist for your tattoo is even more important during this time!

Tattoo artists would love it if a client came in and said “I’d like to take my time, pick the right artist, and make a plan for a large piece! Where do we start?”

Different artists approach these tattoos differently. If you are serious in starting this journey, it’s best to take the time to do a body study and let the artist explore small sketches to figure out what works best with the body first. Planning it out in advance leaves a little room for creativity later but honestly it’s best to commit to a design idea and just watch the process unfold. I can always go with the flow and can tie smaller ideas together, but the best thing to do for an impactful and cohesive idea is to plan ahead.

An experienced artist will take the time and effort to weigh through all of these areas before deciding on a design. Some draw it right on the skin! I prefer to plan on background elements and like above combining these ideas to create movement from the back, through the mid-ground and foreground.

As tattooers our goal is to create solid tattoos that last and are beautiful to look at. Please look through the portfolios and choose an artist who can do your design idea to completion. If you don’t see large tattoos in their portfolios, ask an artist who does and will provide you with the style you want done proficiently.

We hope that you have learned how to choose the best artist for your large tattoo design. We look forward to taking the time to help you decide what is best for your body!

If you liked the pictures above and would like to consult about a large scale piece, ask for me (Daniel).

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