Meet Atom and Chrissy!

Meet Atom and Chrissy!

If you’ve seen new happy faces at Lucky Rabbit and don’t know who they are, let me introduce to you Atom and Chrissy Godwin.

Atom and Chrissy are a husband and wife team. Who came to us last year.  He has been a lot of fun to work with and Chrissy’s humor sometimes resembles that of Melissa McCarthy.  Adam’s passion for creating music actually gives us all something to connect with.

They have a love for animals. In fact, when asked about their pets Chrissy says “We have two cats, Popcorn and Lollipop. In their eyes, the sun rises.”

We are lucky to have two people who were raised out of the state and add some western charm to our studio. They were both born and raised in Colorado and moved to Indiana in 2015. “We have adjusted fairly well to the Midwestern lifestyle, but we do miss Colorado food quite a bit. There isn’t a whole lot we wouldn’t do for a bowl of Colorado Green Chile…or sushi from anywhere. ”

They also seem to love each other deeply and just love being around for each other. “We enjoy working with each other because we are best friends and what better way to spend your workday than with your best friend? ” They also enjoy traveling and meeting new people!  When asked for anything else they’d like to say outside of joking around, they said “That’s about it for us. We’re pretty boring overall. ”

Well, I dunno about that.

To book a tattoo appointment with Atom, call, email or stop by! 765-287-0777. He is available: Tuesday and Wednesday 12-8, Thursday 12-4, Friday and Saturday 12-10.


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