Happy Rabbitversary!

Happy Rabbitversary!

In June of 2002 Dan Stewart, the warm and jovial owner of Lucky Rabbit, switched on the open sign to his brand new tattoo studio, and with a sigh thought, “well, here goes nothing!” In 2019 he is able to switch on the open sign to the same studio, this time, without the sigh. On June 22, 2019  Lucky Rabbit will be celebrating its seventeenth anniversary in Muncie. Seventeen years of quality tattoos and piercings, hard work, dedication, and some sweat and tears have graced our studio walls.

Having worked in many tattoo shops in several states, Dan opened the studio with a clear vision in mind. He wanted to provide the highest quality, sterile environment, invest in the community, and afford his team the opportunity to care for themselves and their own families. Lucky Rabbit has always offered cutting-edge technology, high quality jewelry and award-winning tattoos. We’d say Dan has been able to stay true to his vision.

Throughout the years Dan has had the pleasure of working with many different artists and piercers. Each brought a personal style and flare that created a dynamic in the studio that, through each stage of Lucky Rabbit, remains unmatched. Dan is grateful and feels fortunate to have had the opportunity to work side-by-side with these professionals. Without all of them, Lucky Rabbit would not be what it is today.

These days, we are a tight-knit team. Dan, Atom, Josh, and I strive to offer the best customer service and the highest-quality jewelry and tattoos. When you walk through our doors, we want you to feel at home. Although tattoos and piercings are painful, we want your experience with us to be fun and enjoyable. We’re here to offer you our personal best, and we hope you take us up on it!

We will be taking Saturday, June 22 off to observe our anniversary together as a team. Normal hours will resume on Monday, June 23.

We can’t wait to celebrate another Lucky Rabbit anniversary with you! Here’s to another 17 years!


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