Welcome, Eliza Jones

Welcome, Eliza Jones

We are so excited to welcome our new professional piercer, Eliza Jones, to our team! Eliza is from Wabash, IN where she pierced professionally for over three years. In addition to piercing, she is a licensed massage therapist. Unfortunately for us, she has given up massage therapy to focus solely on piercing. That doesn’t mean we won’t still bug her for massages. Our hands and arms get tired after tattooing all day!

Because she takes her craft seriously, she is thrilled to work toward earning her APP certification. We are so glad she is now in an environment that can make that possible. In the recent weeks, we have updated our studio standards to include an even stricter adherence to APP regulations. Eliza works hard to ensure safety, sterility, and quality piercings.  We like that she’s approachable, friendly, and down-to-earth as well. 

When Eliza isn’t piercing, she enjoys spending time with her two adorable daughters. The three of them love all animals and even care for a pet spider! Eliza is looking forward to exploring the Muncie area and getting to know new people! We invite you to stop in to the studio to get to know her when you’re ready for some new jewelry or a new piercing!

We are so grateful to Eliza for joining us! Shorter in height than most, Eliza has no shortness of personality. She is small, but mighty. She brings along a positive attitude and a bubbly spirit that we are sure will round out our team perfectly. Welcome to Lucky Rabbit, Eliza! You are a breath of fresh air! 

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