Atom Godwin

I started tattooing in the winter of 2005. My biggest desire is to create personal, and unique design that you don’t see every day. I like to be able to dynamic designs that are stories within images that create joy and happiness. As I like to say, “It’s not the beginning or the end that matters, it’s the stuff in between.” Even if it’s a smaller tattoo, I just want to be able to put my heart into it completely, and draw something creative, dynamic, and fun to look at. Being able to connect with clients and shape a tattoo out of their unique personality, is one of my favorite things about tattooing.

I “specialize” in New School, or Illustrative work, Blackwork and Traditional, but I can tattoo in any style. Come at me with some awesome stories that I can draw some cool stuff for!

My Studio hours are: APPOINTMENT ONLY

Schedule a consultation via text at 719-371-5259