Q: What can I expect in regards to COVID-19 measures?

A: Please arrive alone, only one client will be permitted into the studio per procedure with the exception of parents/guardians of minors.

Please wear a mask or cloth mouth covering at all times upon entering the studio. Anyone without a mask will be rescheduled.

Be prepared to answer COVID-19 screening questions and have your temperature taken upon arrival. Be prepared to reschedule if you don’t meet our precautionary requirements.

No food or drinks are permitted in the studio.

Please limit personal items to only those that can remain on your person. (i.e. phone, wallet, keys)

We ask that you do not plan on paying with cash and use a debit or credit card for payment instead if possible.

If you have been exposed to COVID-19 or have experienced any cold, flu like, or COVID-19 symptoms within the last two weeks, please reschedule your appointment to a later date.

Q: How much are piercings?

A: For most piercings, the fee is $40 plus the cost of the jewelry you choose. Jewelry is anatomy based and ranges in price. Oral and Industrial piercings are $50 plus the cost of jewelry.

Q: How can I get a price quote on a tattoo?

A: During the pandemic, please email lucky.rabbit.appointments@gmail.com to be set up with an artist or visit our contact page.

Q: What is your studio minimum for tattoos?

A: Our studio minimum is $100 for tattoos.

Q: Do I need to be 18 to make an appointment for a tattoo?

A: No. We tattoo minors ages 16 and up with parental consent. Minors must be accompanied by both parents or legal or sole custodian. Parents must present valid photo IDs. Minors must also present a birth certificate and photo ID. We will accept school IDs, yearbook photos, or safe-at-home cards if the minor doesn’t have a state issued ID.

Q: Do I need an appointment for a piercing?

A: Yes. We are operating by appointment only for the time being.

To schedule an appointment, email lucky.rabbit.appointments@gmail.com or visit our contact page.

Q: Do I need an appointment for a tattoo?

A: Yes. We are operating via appointment-only for the time being. To schedule an appointment, please email lucky.rabbit.appointments@gmail.com or visit our contact page. To secure your appointment, we require a small deposit.

Q: Why do I need to leave a deposit?

A: Our time is valuable to us. Many times people have us put time into artwork then set aside time for them, and we never see them again. A small deposit lets us know that you are serious about your artwork. The deposit comes off the price of your tattoo.

Q: Is my deposit non-refundable?


Q: Why are tattoos or piercings so expensive?

A: Your average tattoo costs $200 and lasts the rest of your life. When it’s forever, you deserve the best!

We take your hard earned cash seriously. We invest in things that matter. We invest in renewable resources, provide the highest quality supplies for our clients as well as our artists and allow you a better experience overall.

For us, it’s about a quality experience without taking shortcuts! We want to make you feel at home in a clean and sanitary environment while treating you with the best customer service available.

If you feel as if you have received a high quote, let us know! We are willing to work with most budgets. Rest assured, we want to give you our personal best!

Q: Can I prepay for my tattoo appointment?

A: Yes you can! We have a new computer system which allows us to keep track of the money you have given us on your client record.

This allows us such options as pre-paying for a tattoo appointment WHEN you have the money in your hands.