Daniel Stewart

Hello! As an entrepreneur and after a lot of a hard work, failures as well as successes… I couldn’t be more proud of who we have become as a business! As a tattoo artist with over 25 years experience, I’ve relaxed into that “sweet spot” in my artistic lifestyle and enjoy serving my clients!

I’ve been fortunate to be given the opportunity at a young age to compete, teach seminars and be recognized nationally for our business model. Meanwhile, I’ve been blessed by the ability to be able to travel, learn from others and be published internationally. Now that I am not traveling anymore, I am just thankful to share my experience in our community! I  have been a business owner in our community for 20 years!! I couldn’t have done it without my clients, staff, community leaders, mentors, close friends and family for support!

In my free time, I enjoy spending time alone listening to music or cooking to recharge. I enjoy helping others or volunteering. I also love going to the gym, staying healthy, reading and learning. When I’m able, I’m a nature lover, foodie and love living a creative life!

Thank you!



Ink and friendship

When I went into talk to Dan I had a vague idea of what I wanted in my sleeve. I knew I wanted to incorporate, my love of culinary into my tattoos. When I met with Dan I told him I wanted to start out with herbs and spices. I told him about my friend and fellow chef whom had passed from cancer. Dan understood and knew of my friend and her tattoo. I told Dan he had complete creative control and that I wanted black and grey realism. He was excited and so was I. Every time, over the next 3 years, that we sat down to start/complete a piece of my sleeves (yes there are now 2) we had great conversation about family, food, politics, and everything in between. Dan’s willingness to get to know his clients makes the experience that much more enjoyable even when he is stabbing me in the elbow! His love for his craft, his community, and his thoughtfulness of people will be something that I will remember and cherish every time I look into the mirror and wonder at his work. Lucky Rabbit is like a second home that is inclusive, safe, and now a part of my family. Thank you my friend.



I was married for 10 years to someone who didn’t approve of tattoos. I felt judged for wanting something for myself. I was going through the divorce and wanted to do something for myself that I’ve always wanted to do, get a big tattoo on my leg!

I did my research and walked into Lucky Rabbit. Dan was sitting at the counter and jumped up when I walked in. I knew instantly he was the perfect person for what I wanted. His enthusiasm was contagious.

I told him that I wanted a tattoo of a girl with half of her face a skeleton. He asked me the meaning behind this tattoo and I explained to him that everyone has a dark side to them, whether it be depression, substance abuse or in my case infertility. I left there feeling so excited!

A few weeks later, I went in to start my tattoo. This is when I really started to share my story with him. He always listened and asked a lot of questions. Questions that I sometimes didn’t even know how to answer, but he pushed me out of my comfort zone with those conversations.

It was time to start on the female face. I suggested just doing a random female face and after hours and hours of searching for faces, he kept going back to my face. I’m glad he came up with that idea, it’s more meaningful and special to me. He asked me to pick out a picture of myself that I absolutely loved. I did. He asked me what I loved about that picture. I was happy in that picture, my hair and makeup was on point in that picture.

Along the course of this tattoo, he became a friend. A friend that I had made on my own with no other connections. He took time to listen to me, to engage in me. He became a therapist to me. Not long after that tattoo was done I wanted another one. I again, went in for my consultation. The studio was a place for me to heal.

I told him that I loved flowers, and that some flowers had special meaning to me. My grandma always planted iris and my mom loved roses. He killed it again with this design.

When that lower sleeve was done my divorce was near the end of being finalized. I wanted another huge statement piece that showed I made it! I told him I wanted a lion with a feather head dress. I’ve been obsessed with feathers since I was a little girl. Again, he killed this piece.

When I smile, I have a crinkle nose and he incorporated that crinkle nose into my lions face.

I would highly recommend Lucky Rabbit to anyone who is searching for a tattoo artist. Their studio is very clean. In that tattoo chair, I laughed, cried and joked. And a lot of times he would laugh cry and joke with me. I went in for a tattoo and walked away with so much more than a tattoo. I walked away with a friend who I am very lucky and proud to call a friend! All of the staff is welcoming and it just feels like home when you walk in. I got to know each of them a little bit every time I went in. His team is awesome and together they make Lucky Rabbit a place I’ll forever be grateful for.



My favorite tattoo of mine was done by Dan! It’s a fairly small one and really didn’t take much time to do, but he treated it with the same care and precision as if it was a full sleeve. The conversation was great too. It was years ago but it made that much of an impression that I still smile every time I see it.



“The waves of the sea help me get back to me.” – Sarah McClure

2020 was an interesting year for all of us. In September, I decided that I was going to start focusing on myself and pursue the things that I want most in life. It’s so easy to focus on everyone around me, but myself. While walking the beach one morning, I knew that I needed to have a daily reminder of the ocean waves and what they mean to me.

I am still fairly new to the Muncie area, and because of that, I started doing a lot of research on local tattoo artists. I have four tattoos, so this is not unfamiliar territory to me. At the same time, it can be very intimidating walking into a tattoo studio in an area that you are new to. I had previously visited a couple of shops in the area and was instantly smacked in the face with images and scenery that was not becoming or necessarily welcoming.

The minute I walked into Lucky Rabbit, I knew that this is the kind of place I wanted to invest my time and money. The studio is STUNNING and incredibly clean. Chrissy, Atom, and Daniel are some of the most welcoming individuals I have met in Muncie. They instantly felt like family to me.

I met with Daniel and explained to him what I was wanting. I wanted to cover an older tattoo I had and replace it with a realistic wave. Our conversation was great and he really understood what I truly desired. Because of the coverup, he actually decided to hand-draw the image on my shoulder and go from there. I was instantly impressed! The time spent with Daniel was wonderful; full of deep conversation, lots of laughter, and a little singing. There is no tattoo artist I trust more! Now, I have a gorgeous daily reminder of what brings me peace and where I feel most at home—the sea.