Daniel Stewart

Hello, my name is Daniel or Dan depending on how well you know me.  I enjoy my job, because it fulfills me. I’ve found that “sweet spot” in life where my passions collide with my talents and allows me to serve others!

Even though running my business is my passion, it allows me the opportunity to connect personally with my clients, and share a life experience together! I enjoy creating a safe place for those around me. You won’t be treated any different! Feel free to be yourself whoever that may be!

I enjoy most tattoos, but if I chose what I am most passionate about it’s black and grey, portraits, nature, faith based and family oriented tattoos. I love hearing your ideas and working through the design together!

Here’s a short history on my career path! I have been tattooing for over 20 years now… Whew! I know right?! I don’t feel old at all!! Ha!

In 1993, I decided to take an apprenticeship under Jim Brown in my hometown of Fostoria, OH. Shortly thereafter, I decided to enter the military and became a field medic and eventually a medical laboratory technician. After medical training and much improved sterile technique, I adopted new methods and pushed for widespread acceptance of safe tattooing!

I work by appointment only. Please schedule a consult via email at lucky.rabbit.appointments@gmail.com