Lucky Rabbit offers a consistent standard of HIGH QUALITY JEWELRY for all of our clients. You deserve the very best, so EVERYONE will be pierced with the highest quality of hypoallergenic metals. Your choice of ASTM F-136 certified implant grade Palladium based White, Yellow and Rose Gold, Titanum or Platinum. This means there is zero chance of a Nickel reaction. We take the extra effort to ensure that your jewelry is flawless. We firmly believe in the superiority of internal threading, as opposed to external. The threads tucked into the shafts and the edges of all of our jewelry rounded to a smooth finish insure both safer insertion and a more comfortable, accelerated healing process.

Thanks to our wide selection of jewelry, piercing costs may vary widely.  You don’t have to get pierced with one standard piece of jewelry anymore! Our selection is as unique as you are!  The standard piercing fee is $40, and $35 for each additional piercing done on the same individual. Industrial and oral piercings are $50 each plus the cost the of jewelry. The jewelry cost is separate and due to your anatomy and style preference must be priced in person.

Feel free to come in as we look forward to helping you choose a piece of jewelry that shows off your personality!  We can also make custom jewelry orders, and offer high quality gems such as opals, diamonds, amethysts, garnets etc., as well as recommend a more cost effective synthetic version.

And for the grande finale, we offer TITANIUM ANODIZING, a powerful process to change the color of your jewelry , by leaving the chemistry and structure of the jewelry unchanged. The color will not fade, discolor or change.  We can create any color that you can think of, in front of you, if you wish.

We take great pride in our work, and enjoy what we do. Please take advantage of these options to personalize your one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry!



  • Piercer is on maternity leave with very limited availability

To schedule an appointment, TEXT 765-217-6026, email lucky.rabbit.appointments@gmail.com or visit our contact page


Piercings are $40 ($50 for oral and industrial piercings) plus the cost of jewelry you choose. Because our jewelry is custom fit to your anatomy and we have many options, please visit the studio for more information about jewelry prices. A $10 fee will be added for services under masks.

We do not offer genital piercings.


We pierce lobes for ages 7+ years.  We do some piercings on minors 13-17. Oral piercings and septums are 16 and up. We do not offer tongue piercings or nipple piercings for minors.


All minors pierced in Delaware County are required to be accompanied by BOTH parent(s) or the sole legal guardian/parent. Parent or guardian must also provide a photo ID and a birth certificate for the minor. Minor’s birth certificate must match names on all forms of parent IDs. Please include court documents or marriage licenses for name changes.

The BMV offers state issued ID’s for minors, but we also accept school ID’s, passports, or the SmileSafe cards which can be purchased online.

Thank you for helping us to comply with our state and county regulations.

Photo ID’s for parent/guardian can be :

State ID or Drivers License, Passport

Parents, please bring two ID’s with your information on it as well.  If you have a driver’s license you will need something else with your name on it. Such as a credit card, social security card, library card etc.

Legal Guardians should bring in actual guardianship papers from the court.